Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Time to End Prohibition.

Copy of my letter to Mark Weprin, New York State Assemblyman, 24th Assembly District:

Dear Mr. Weprin, offers a letter suggesting that wine should be allowed to be sold in supermarkets in New York State. I'm sure you've seen the letter before, but it got me thinking.

I have been telling my friends and family (and, frankly, anyone who'll listen) for years, that I resent that the government feels that it has to protect me from myself. So, along the same line of thought that would allow wine to be sold in supermarkets, I believe that New York State should allow casino gambling in the New York Metropolitan area. It's practically criminal that we allow all those busloads full of money to travel to Atlantic City and Connecticut every day. All those tax dollars and jobs should stay right here in New York, where they belong. I would venture to guess that a significant proportion of Atlantic Cty and Connecticut casino visitors are New Yorkers. Think about all that money!!

And on another related topic, while I'm at it, although I don't do drugs, and I hardly drink alcohol, I firmly beleive that the war on drugs is far too costly to our country. Now, I'm not a radical, but I think that most 'illicit' drugs should be made legal and sold through proper channels.

Not only would we save the billions and billions of dollars spent nationwide trying to enforce drug laws, but look at all the tax dollars that could be realized. Another big advantage to a plan like this would be to remove the illegal dollars from the black market and the criminals associated with it, placing all that money in the tax rolls. End of deficit.

Lastly, quality would be ensured, virtually eliminating accidental overdose or poisoning due to impurities added by unscrupulous drug dealers trying to stretch their product further. When was the last time you heard of blindness caused by moonshine?

Granted, alcoholism is a problem in our society, but I think that the American Government should be protecting my freedoms, not protecting me from myself. In my eyes, the advantages in ending 'drug prohibition' far outweigh any disadvantages that can be shown. We can provide help to any people who cannot control thir drug habits for a tiny fraction of what we spend on our current drug war. The single biggest objection to this plan will come from the vast anti-drug machinery that we've set up over the last several decades. To disband the entire DEA, much of the Departments of Corrections, numerous other agencies, along with large percentages of local police departments, just for starters, will surely cause great pain for those whose livelihoods depend on the war against drugs.


Finally, here's the letter suggested by that made me start thinking about this stuff:

I support the idea of allowing New York grocers to sell wine. New Yorkers deserve this convenience that many other Americans in 35 other states already enjoy. With our state budget deficit looming large, it is irresponsible to turn our backs on the more than $150 million in potential revenue for the state’s general fund that the New York State Division of Budget projects as a result of this much needed policy change. In addition, this proposal will support the New York grape growing and wine industries. These combined industries generate over a billion dollars in revenue and employ tens of thousands of workers. Don’t let the liquor distribution monopoly bottle up this good idea just to protect their profits. Selling wine in food stores makes sense for all New Yorkers. Please support this proposal that will allow food stores in New York to provide this basic convenience.

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