Friday, October 22, 2004

Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

Back in 1995, I was very sorry for Christopher Reeve, having heard about his equestrian accident. Scary stuff. He fell off of his horse after making a jump, and snapped his neck. He never walked again. Spinal cord damage. Paralyzed. Respirator. Wheelchair.

I felt a connection with him, however, two months later, when, in July, I broke my own neck in a swimming pool mishap. I was much luckier than he. I am able to (type this,) walk, talk, think, and do almost everything I could do before.

Although I live in pain every day, I think that he was much braver and more optimistic than I ever was, or could be. I'm not crying 'foul,' or wallowing in my misery, but it's hard to be me. But I always look at the bright side. I'm not Christopher. Poor SOB. He never let on, though.
What's great is that he was so selfless. He was driven to walk again. He had the best attitude. His legacy, not the Superman role, but the important one, is that his name will live on, long after his recent, untimely, sad death, in October of 2004, in the form of his Foundation. The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, , is one of my favorite charities. I have made contributions, with my family, for the last several years, and I plan to continue to do so, to honor his name, his work, and especially his selfless attitude.
A tip of my hat, too, to his wife, Dana, and the rest of his family, for standing by him and supporting him in so many ways.

It is truly astounding, that in our modern society, where sports figures, movie and television stars, and popular musicians are idolized, a true hero emerges from a freak accident. Although I admired his acting and directoral talents, they pale in comparison to the work he was obviously meant to perform.

He has become immortal. I wish continued success to his Foundation, his family, the causes he championed, and the people he loved. May his Foundation find ways to improve the lives of the many people he wanted to help. May his family find peace and fulfillment.

May I make a fraction of the mark of goodness he left on this world.

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