Monday, May 06, 2002

Imperial Surgical Supply in Great Neck, NY Sucks!

Gee, y'know, I'm a fairly patient guy when I see that merchants are busy, but this guy kept me waiting in his storefront surgical supply store for almost 15 minutes. I'm standing there with my 9 year old daughter, looking pretty innocuous and beat up, carrying my cane and wearing my neck brace, and this guy is too busy on the phone to even ask me to please be patient.

After five minutes, he put down his phone to blow his nose, so I took the opportunity to ask if I could open a package to check the size of the new neck brace I wanted to buy. I also told him that I needed new pads for my TENS unit. He said that 'Steven' would be right with me, so I waited some more. No Steven for a while, now going on 15 minutes, I got up, took my daughter by the hand and started to leave. At this point, this man got up from his desk to rush over to me because he saw that I intended to leave. When I told him that, he told me, "Yeah, maybe you should!"

Boy, poor him, huh? I guess I really offended him. I'm guessing that my purchase would have been about $100, but he obviously didn't need it. I grabbed one of his business cards and told him that I would be sure to tell all my friends how I was treated at his store, and not to frequent this establishment; so if you know of anyone who needs surgical supplies, please do me a favor and shop elsewhere.

Thanks - Wayne